SuperBox S1 pro review – Customer’s feeling

Actually I don’t know much about IPTV boxes, just saw their ad on Facebook. I was wondering to save subscription fee as they claimed, then bought the new version Superbox s1 pro online. And comes with a lifetime dedicated IPTV service.

There are 2 APPs called Blue TV and Blue VOD pre-installed in the box, the Blue TV was for TV channels and sports, and the Blue VOD was for movies and TV series. I mainly watch ESPN, NFL, NBA channels, or watch some 80s movies with my family, it works perfectly fine for me. Here are the pros and cons based on my opinion.


Before I bought this box, I’ve dug a lot online about how to watch NFL, NBA, or movies, and also programs for my kid. Well, this box really saved a lot of time for me. No other APP needed, no VPN needed, just downloaded 2 pre-install APPs, can watch almost every channel I need. Big pro for guys like me doesn’t want to waste too much time to study.

There are a few channels that do not work sometimes, I’ve contacted the provider on Facebook page and usually get responses in minutes, so no complaint at all I guess.


2GB RAM and 16 GB storage were absolutely out of the day, it works fine on watching tv, but it wasn’t playing fluently while playing large-scale games.

The latest movie quality is not good, but it will update after a period of time.

One box can only support one TV. I installed the box in my living room, which means if I want to watch TV in my bedroom, I have to install it again, maybe it doesn’t spend much time, but still a mess for me. Or another way, to get another box.


Used to watch sports in my friend’s house with other TV boxes a couple of months ago, but sometimes it gets buffering especially at Major events. As for now, I didn’t get buffering with this box so far, and the provider claimed there are 1000+ users watching the same channel without any issues. Well I suppose we’ll see when Super Bowl coming lol


I would not say it’s cheap, but after one week of using, I consider it’s a decent box with quality IPTV service for me. And I think the most important thing about IPTV is if the provider reliable, their service seems so far so good, probably I would recommend it to my friends.

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