How to fix Buffering issues for SuperBox S1 PRO

  1. Restart the IPTV Box:

If you can’t really put a finger on the exact reason causing the Android IPTV Box buffering issue, a trick, as simple as restarting, could be the solution.

In fact, restarting is one of the most basic troubleshooting methods and it should be one of the first ones to try. It can solve many problems.

  • Take Care of Internet Speed:

Increase your Internet Speed can go a long way in decreasing the amount of buffering you encounter. You probably have a high-speed broadband and internet speed is not a problem for you. However, I would still recommend you to check the internet speed as the first troubleshooting step.

And, if it is the slow internet connection behind buffering issues, you can always reach out to your ISP to find out the reason or you might even get a new connection altogether.

  • Try Multiple streams :

Buffering can sometimes be caused by the stream itself. To eliminate this as the cause of the buffering, try a couple of different streams. We all want the 1080 HD stream, but sometimes it can help if you choose a lower quality version of the stream. This can eliminate buffering, especially with a slower Internet speed.

  • Use Ethernet Cable for Wired Connection:

A wired connection is usually much faster than the wireless connection. Firstly, it doesn’t have to rely on the proximity of the router from the device.

Secondly, there are no obstacles between the router and the device. Many electrical, as well as certain mechanical obstacles, tend to weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

Note that you DO NOT need to buy the Ethernet Adapter if you are already getting substantial network speed through your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Reset your Modem and Router once a week :

This is a standard maintenance procedure that can boost your Internet speed for all of your devices. It should be performed once a week to ensure you’re getting the best connection.

  • Clear up the IPTV Box RAM:

Low RAM space is one of the culprits of the buffering you experience on Box. You will be surprised to know that some apps keep hogging the RAM even when you close them. You can clear up the RAM space by simply closing the background applications.

  • Clear Cache/Data of Streaming App:

Clearing the cache of the streaming apps may help you with the buffering on Box. You may also clear the app data to completely reset the app to its default factory settings.

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